Antares Tracking

Antares Tracking

Track & trace is an IoT (Internet of Things) solution that provides convenience in tracking your business distribution processes and managing and monitoring fleets/assets remotely and digitally.

How our solutions work

Explore how our innovative approach delivers efficiency and accuracy to transform the way you work.


Install Sensor

OBD-based tracker sensors are installed in each fleet/asset to be tracked.


Data Process

The IoT Platform processes the data and provides APIs


Display Data

The dashboard consumes and visualizes fleet & asset data

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Our Best Features

Efficiency-boosting automation for streamlined utility management and cost savings

Live GPS Tracking
Live GPS Tracking
Increase Cost Efficiency
Analysis in making improvements
Historical Route Playback
Scalable Architecture

Benefits for you

Get various valuable benefits for your business by using Antares Track and Trace.

Real-time monitoring to oversee your fleet activities accurately and promptly

Identify areas where operational efficiency can be improved

Enhanced safety

Plan preventive maintenance more effectively

Increased productivity

Cost efficiency

Increase customer trust and satisfaction

Tracking solutions for you

Solutions optimizing efficiency and performance for a seamless and connected experience


Fleet Management System

Manage and supervise a company's fleet of vehicles or assets efficiently. Its main purpose is to increase productivity, operational efficiency, security, and cost savings in fleet management.


Cold Chain Management System

IoT solution designed to maintain the quality and safety of temperature-sensitive products, such as fresh foods, medicines, and vaccines, during their transportation and storage in the supply chain. Its goal is to ensure that products remain within a safe and optimal temperature range from the beginning to the end of the distribution chain.


What our clients are saying


Monitoring distribusi vaksin sangat mempermudah untuk memantau kondisi vaksin saat pengiriman vaksin  maupun pada saat vaksin berada di fasilitas kesehatan dan juga mempermudah untuk memantau kondisi kendaraan dengan banyak fitur seperti buka tutup pintu kendaraan, kendaraan dalam keadaan bahaya, dan kecepatan kendaraan, masih banyak fitur menarik yang ada di Track&Trace

Fitri - Digital Health Center (DHC)


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Productivity and Efficiency

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