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Tailored IoT Solutions for Diverse Industries

Antares IoT Platform

Empowering IoT with Storage Services

Antares Platform is an IoT (Internet of Things) platform developed by PT. Telkom Indonesia, offering storage services for IoT devices. Users can consume these services to display data on a dashboard or other applications.

Antares IoT Platform

IoT for Varied Industries and Businesses

The Antares Platform IoT strategically segments industries, sizes, and budgets. It caters to diverse sectors like manufacturing, logistics, agriculture, and healthcare, serving both small enterprises and large corporations with flexible pricing.

Antares IoT Platform
Targeting and Positioning

Scalable, Secure, and User-Friendly IoT Solutions

Antares Platform IoT targets businesses that need easy-to-use and flexible IoT solutions. It's great for things like tracking assets and can work for any size business. It's safe and can grow with your needs, making it a reliable option for IoT.

Our Best Features

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Horizontal IoT Integration

Antares Platform easily integrates with diverse IoT applications, making it a versatile solution for industries like manufacturing, logistics, agriculture, and healthcare. Its horizontal integration capability enables use across a wide range of IoT applications.


Scalable IoT Solutions

Antares Platform adjusts to business needs, being scalable for both small and large IoT applications. It flexibly accommodates various quantities of IoT devices, ensuring adaptability to different requirements.


Secure IoT Environment

Antares IoT protects data and devices from unauthorized access through features like encryption and access management. With these security measures, it's an ideal choice for customers seeking a secure, scalable, and versatile IoT solution.

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