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Based on LoRa Alliance Standard

AS923-2 shifts the plan down 1.8MHz from AS923, when you use Antares Connectivity you will feel no worries


Store, Collect, Delete device & data using RESTFUL API


Send data from LoRaWAN device to antares platform using AS923-2 radio frequency


Send command from antares platform to LoRaWAN device using AS923-2 radio frequency

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IoT platform services with various features to help with solving your IoT problems and develop your IoT solutions

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Seamless connectivity with integrated platforms and various access technologies to help develop your IoT solutions

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Devices to support developing your IoT solutions. With superior quality, easy to use and easy to connect to our platform

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We provide various IoT Solutions tailored for your needs. Our solutions are solved by professionals and have been proven to be beneficial

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What Is Antares Documentation?

Antares Documentation page provides step-by-step procedure which hopefully will help you on how to use Antares. Antares Documentation contains technical details, port configuration, data model, latest news, and many more.

Antares Event

Our Exciting & Thrilling Events

Antares have held many events related to Antares and IoT in the past, such as workshops, talkshows, and many more. You can check our event page to see our past events and also our upcoming events you could look forward for.


Works for your team and your customer

Companies of all sizes - from one person startups to large entreprises - use Antares white label software and APIs to get electronic products online, build customer- facing applications with no code, allowing to control and manage these devices remotely


All communications go through encrypted lines. Everything is set up to be highly reliable, secure, and robust on top of the Secure Transport Layer.


We’ll take care of your infrastructure 24/7. Think about the ideas and services you want to develop.

Open API

Monitor your applications via dashboard and API.

Real-time Data

Every single data that goes through from your applications and devices is updated immediately in real time.

Extensive Infrastructure

We provide an infrastructure to make sure our system has a high availability. So if there’s a server down, other servers will take care and support.

Easy to Connect

Easy for beginners to connect their devices to our platform. We also provide many libraries to connect your devices to Antares.

A fully equipped IoT platform for you

Whatever you want and need to create and control your hardware and software, such as smart home products, smart poultry, smart water meter, and many more. We are the perfect solution for your future.


Reliable and compatible to support develop
IoT application

Our platform has been used to develop an application to monitor covid-19 vaccine solution, monitor poultry, smart water meter, and many more. You can also be our future client to develop your smart application with Antares.


Trusted By Companies To Build A Smarter World

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Work together as a team with us to generate better solutions for everyone and every IoT usecase as well as any business problem.

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