Real-time tracking distribution status with The Internet of Things system.

Solutions to monitor shipments to facilitate accurate tracking


OEE Manufacture Monitoring

Overall Equipment Effectiveness monitoring system with Internet of Things

The OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) monitoring system is an IoT-based monitoring system that helps management to improve production performance.

Benefit in OEE Manufacture

iconProvide real-time and up-to-date information about machines, production lines, factories, and companies

iconReceived accurate production data

iconAble to directly analyze losses through the Pareto analysis method

iconEasily see what the user's key constraints are, analyze progress and improve machine uptime

iconAble to know the realization values in real time for the parameter’s availability, performance, and quality.

iconPresents the total loss that occurs in the production process

iconGenerate OEE report according to the desired period

EMS Manufacture

Solution to monitoring smart city environment

Environment Monitoring System or EMS Manufacture is a solution to monitor smart city’s environment. Smart kawasan is capable to monitor the city’s state, such as management of energy consumption, waste management, air quality, and other parameters. With this, we can easily manage and monitor the city through data obtained in real-time so that the city area is maintained efficiently.

The Problem

We take this problem as the background for EMS Manufacture solution

  1. Indonesia is included in the top 100 world ranking-low Air Quality Index.
  2. Indonesia is included in the top 10 countries with the largest carbon footprint.
  3. There is 40.59% unmanaged waste from the total waste mass of 13,464,235.28 (tons/year).
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Kimia Farma

Smart manufacturing kimia farma is a water purifier condition monitor system with IoT implementation that can automate and detect

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