Smart Poultry & Farming

Smart Poultry & Farming

is an innovative approach in agriculture that utilizes technologies such as sensors, IoT, and data analytics to enhance the efficiency and productivity of farming. By harnessing these technologies, farmers can monitor and manage crops, livestock, and agricultural environments more intelligently and precisely, enabling better decision-making and increased harvest yields.

How our solutions work

Explore how our innovative approach delivers efficiency and accuracy to transform the way you work.


Daily Input to Application

For recording daily parameters related to feed intake, daily chicken body weight sampling, chicken water intake, and livestock mortality rate (depletion)


Environmental Sensor Install

Track environmental and growth indicators including depletion, body weight, FCR, IP, FE, Cumulative Feed Intake, Feed Daily Intake, and Water Daily Intake


Controlling and Automating

Adjusting fan speeds automatically based on temperature and humidity to maintain the target temperature in the barn, either through automatic control or manually using an app.

You should know

Our Best Features

Efficiency-boosting automation for streamlined utility management and cost savings

Real-time Monitoring
Precision Techniques
Increase Cost Efficiency
Scalable and Modular Design
Mobile App Interface
Display the utilites usage reports

Benefits for you

Get various valuable benefits for your business by using Antares Smart Poultry.

Real-time Optimization by using real-time data from IoT sensors.

Suitable for All Barn Sizes.

Unified Data for All Barn Information.

Smart poultry and farming solutions for you

Solutions optimizing efficiency and performance for a seamless and connected experience


Smart Poultry Advance

We help chicken farm owners control fans and monitor coop conditions (temperature, humidity, ammonia levels, wind speed, wind direction, light intensity) in real-time using sensors and IoT technology.


SaaS Smart Poultry Basic

We aid farmers in coop management, daily recording, and performance analysis. Our solution includes portable monitors for coop temperature, humidity, and oxygen, as well as CCTV for remote chicken monitoring.


Automatic Weather Station

Continuous monitoring of environmental conditions, including temperature, humidity, wind direction, and weather, is crucial for farmers. This enables them to optimize crop growing conditions and mitigate the risk of disease or environmental damage.


What our clients are saying

Peternak Subang

Hasil produksi jadi lebih baik karena akurasi perangkat sensor suhu & kelembaban Antares SaaS Poultry cukup presisi dan mudah dikalibrasi

Mrs. Gina -


Pemilik Kandang di Magetan

Penggunaan listrik dikandang jadi lebih termonitor dan bisa dapet ide penghematan biaya 20% tagihan listrik bulanan dari perangkat yang dipasang Antares Poultry

Mr. Paimin -


Peternak di Bogor

Fitur Video CCTV di aplikasi Antares Poultry bisa bantu kami pantau suasana dalam kandang jadi lebih praktis & efisien, memberi kami ketenangan

Mr. Kuswanto -


Peternak di Boyolali

“Saya senang bisa berbagi akses aplikasi Antares Poultry dengan para operator dan engineer, semakin memudahkan dalam manajemen kandang

Mr. Farmer (Bayolali) -


Peternak di Cimaung

Aplikasi Antares Poultry sangat membantu kami dalam mengelola manajemen kandang jadi lebih teratur & efektif

Mr. Frei -


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