Monitor City Lights
With LoRa Communication
and Internet of Things

System to monitor lights on the street with LoRa communication technology that will control and automate in support of sustainable energy saving efforts.

Desktop Application
Smart PJU

The lights on the street will be installed with smart PJU sensors. This sensor has the ability to detect the intensity of the sun's light so that when the sun shines the street lights will be turned off and on at night.


We working with local authorities to put Smart Lightning sensor

Placement Sensor

The process put Smart Lightning don’t take much time

Smart PJU Sensor

The condition when Smart PJU already installed


Our Best Feature in Smart PJU

iconAble to know the consumption of kWH on PJU

iconAble to see the status of the light whether on, off or damaged

iconPJU management in coordinate map

iconLow cost due to using LoRa technology

iconImproving the quality of PJU services because if there is a broken lamp, it can be detected immediately

iconReduce maintenance costs manually

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