Detect Water Condition
With The Help Of Internet of Things

Smart manufacturing kimia farma is a water purifier condition monitor system with IoT implementation that can automate and detect when abnormal conditions occur

The Problem

We take this problem as the background for Biofarma solution

  1. Ensure that the vaccine injected to each recipient is the right one.
  2. Vaccine that require specific environmental condition, especially the temperature.
  3. Maintain the safety of the vaccine from mistreatment, send and store vaccine not according to the regulation.
  4. Maintain vaccine safety from outside interferences, such as theft or destruction.
Our Best Features in Kimiafarma

Acquire the device and temperature data from a chiller in near real-time and visualization into the monitoring dashboard

Total Organic Carbon / TOC

Identify and calculate the component's power consumption cost

Ambient gas detection to prevent accidents

Monitoring HVAC

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