We believe the best solutions are born from collaboration. That concerns us collaborating synergistically with partners to support the development of every Internet of Things solution. Collaboration will foster an ecosystem that is conducive to growing a more sustainable business

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Partner Benefit

Partnership can be an excellent way of combining different skills and sharing experience to create a powerful business entity. Being an Antares partner, making your company part of the IoT ecosystem in Indonesia, can contribute to the development of IoT, get the latest updates, promote your products on the Ecosystem Antares

Our Partners


Alltek Singapore specialises in maritime and communication sectors in the South-East Asia region.


Reputable Device Manufacturer


EveryNet is Infrastructure provides with worldwide market.


Network Infrastructure Provider


Solusi Monitoring IoT pada Manufacture (OEE, SixBigLoses), Agriculture, Livestock, Fishery. Top Startup Kementerian Perindustrian 2019.


Software, Solusi, System Integrator

Fusi Global Teknologi

Perdagangan Industri Manufaktur


Hardware, Software


Hardware manufacturer.


Hardware, Solusi, Konsultan, System Integrator, Research

Neyser Electronic

A company that brings forth customized Electronic and IT Solution for your company or project needs.


Hardware, Software, Platform, Layanan, Solusi, System Integrator

Penta Digital Nusantara

Kami merupakan perusahaan bergerak di bidang Hardware dan Software khususnya di bidang Internet of Things.


Hardware, Software, Solusi, Reasearch

PT Pins Indonesia

A company dealing with the integration of devices and network supported by human resources capability and the best system.


Hardware, Software, Platform, Layanan, Solusi, Konsultan, System Integrator, Edukasi, Research

Sinergi Teknologi Utama

Network & Monitoring Control device Power System System Integrator for telecommunication services & infrastucture.


Hardware, Software, Layanan, Solusi, System Integrator, Connectivity

Scada Prima Cipta

A consulting and system integrator company that provides Engineering and Services for energy, petrochemical and manufacturing companies.


Software, Layanan, Solusi, Konsultan, System Integrator, Connectivity

Telkom University

Telkom University or abbreviated as Tel-U, is a private tertiary institution in Indonesia.


Education, Research

Universitas Andalas

Universitas ini merupakan universitas tertrua di luar Pulau Jawa yang dibuka secara resmi pada tanggal 23 Desember 1995 oleh Wakil Presiden Mohammad Hatta.


Software, Layanan, Solusi, Konsultan, Edukasi, Research

Widya Imersif Teknologi

Widya Imersif Teknologi is a company engaged in the field of Internet Of Things Solutions to provide services for consumer IoT.


Hardware, Software, Layanan, Solusi, Health IoT

PT. Nocola IoT Solution

NOCOLA or PT NOCOLA IoT Solution is an IoT development company from Indonesia. Nocola was founded in Cilacap, Indonesia in 2016. Nocola has a team of young, active and dynamic professionals with refreshing knowledge and skills in different fields. Apart from IoT, we are also developing many technologies here. Come on, start realizing your idea with Nocola.


Hardware, Software, Platform, Services, Solution, System Integrator, Connectivity


Makerindo is a startup that focuses on developing embedded systems, Internet of Things (IoT), AI-Internet of Things (AI-IoT), Edge Computing, both on an educational and industrial scale.


Hardware, Software, Solution, System Integrator, Consultant, Education, Research

SuperMap Indonesia

SuperMap Indonesia is an innovative GIS platform software and service provider.



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